Monday, December 15, 2008

My Christmas and birthday wish list(2008 and early 2009)

1. a Hot Wheels Over The Door Display Case
2. a Lego Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft
3. a Backyard Bug Vacuum
4. a 500 piece puzzle
5. a Game Boy
6. some games to go along with the Game Boy
7. some more Gamecube games
8. a game of Monopoly
9. a game of Apples To Apples
10. a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos
11. a travel size game of Sorry
12. a travel size game of Hungry Hungry Hippos
13. some Lego Star Wars Characters
14. a bigger bike then I have right now
15. a horse quilt and lamp
16. all of the Star Wars books and the 6 Star Wars movies except for the 5th
17. all 14 books of A Series of Unfortunate Events, except for the 1st
18. the first movie of A Series of Unfortunate Events
19. all 41 Magic Tree House books except for the 6th and the 29th
20. all of the Junie B. Jones books except for Junie B. first grader Boo... and I mean it & #s 1,2, and 3
21. a plastic marble track kit
22. a safe Bunk bed
23. a mini tree light set (20 count)
24. a Easy Bake oven
25. my very own phone
26. more mini bottles of paint for my Light Bright FX Flash Art paint set
27. a photo album
28. a magic trick book
29. a pocket sized calculator
30. a pen calculator
31. another CD case
32. a water cooler
33. a bunch of rocks good for skipping rocks

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Ryan said...

This is the best list ever!