Monday, September 8, 2008

8 things to know about me.

1.I have two loving parents and three sisters.
2.My favorite color is pink.
3.My favorite sports are: riding my bike, tennis,and kind of football.
4. Some of my favorite foods are: omelets, quesidilla on a skillet, and Pepperoni Pizzadillas.
5.I'm in second grade and I have 24 kids in my class and my teacher's name Mrs. Bardzinski.
6.When I grow up I want to be : a scientist, a pilot, or a teacher.
7. My favorite games are: LIFE, Uno, Sorry, and Olivia Doubts It.
8. 6 of my favorite things to do are: read, play my video games, play on the computer, watch T.V., watch football live, and watch football on T.V.


Tiffany said...

What were you doing blogging at 6:39 am? You are one dedicated dude. Next time you are in Cali, or next time I come to AZ we are definitely going to have to play Sorry.

Brian said...

Carson after looking at your posts we have decided that you and our Parker would be fast friends. I hope one you can meet. You have a lot in common. We love your writing style.