Monday, September 8, 2008

8 things to know about me.

1.I have two loving parents and three sisters.
2.My favorite color is pink.
3.My favorite sports are: riding my bike, tennis,and kind of football.
4. Some of my favorite foods are: omelets, quesidilla on a skillet, and Pepperoni Pizzadillas.
5.I'm in second grade and I have 24 kids in my class and my teacher's name Mrs. Bardzinski.
6.When I grow up I want to be : a scientist, a pilot, or a teacher.
7. My favorite games are: LIFE, Uno, Sorry, and Olivia Doubts It.
8. 6 of my favorite things to do are: read, play my video games, play on the computer, watch T.V., watch football live, and watch football on T.V.